Paradigm Public Affairs
Building Public Safety Capacity Through Strategic Community Partnership

Our Guiding Mission:
Building Bridges Between Public Safety and Communities

The mission of Paradigm Public Affairs is to provide law enforcement and public safety agencies across the United States customized tools and guidance to bridge the gap between themselves and the diverse communities they serve.  

Our vision is sustainable, effective law enforcement and public safety where:

 Officers and leadership are agents of change and boundless capability 
Agencies work in tandem with communities to achieve fair and equitable partnerships.  
A world where the government are the people, and people are the government, regardless of their designated roles and responsibilities.

Core Values of Paradigm Public Affairs

Leadership is shared and requires consistent stakeholder buy-in to achieve success 
 Strategic and equitable partnerships are the basis of reciprocal and sustainable vision 
 Better decisions are made with evidence and data 
 Equity is a shared responsibility between government and communities 
 Success is a strategic decision
Bridging Communities with Government

We specialize in consulting services that help public safety agencies develop ways to collaborate more freely and openly with the communities they serve through in-depth data analysis to form solutions that are culturally relevant and evidence based.

Our areas of practice include:
Community policing and community relationship building 
Restorative justice practices 
Resilient policing
Diversity, equity, and inclusion  

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Connect with us at info@paradigmpublicaffairs to begin a conversation about how we can help your organization achieve optimal outcomes using data combined with customized strategies to enhance your agency's relationship with the community it serves.