Our Services

We offer a variety of agency and management consulting services for contemporary law enforcement agencies.  Consultants and affiliates of Paradigm Public Affairs are former law enforcement executives, officers, and researchers.  Scroll down for a selection of services offered by our team. 

Management and Agency Consultancy

Organizational  assessment and analysis
Community survey development and analysis
Predictive analytics
Strategic and tactical planning
Staffing analysis
Performance audit/evaluation
Post critical incident evaluation/analysis
Crime trend and data analysis
Response analysis

Predictive Analytics
We help you use your existing data, combined with statistics and advanced machine learning to identify risk, opportunities, and ways to improve service to your communities.  In addition to using historical, organizational data, we can help your agency gain additional insights using big data from publicly available data, and customize large scale data collection efforts using advanced statistical techniques and a variety of software suites customized to your needs.  
Restorative Justice
Restorative justice involves those processes that engage the active and voluntary participation of community, victims, and offenders who come together with the sole objective of mending the damaged and harm caused by crime and disorder.   Our team is experienced in building restorative justice processes that are responsive to community needs in a variety of settings, including juvenile justice, violent crime, property crime, and disorder offenses. 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Paradigm Public Affairs has partnered with the Kaleidoscope Group to provide full-service consultancy to law enforcement agencies on diversity and inclusion.  With Kaleidoscope, we offer:
  • DEI and organizational culture assessments
  • Preventative strategies
  • Guidance on officer recruitment and retention
  • One on one coaching for leaders and executives
  • A suite of training solutions for leadership, executives, and sworn and civilian staff