Governments are the Community, and Communities are the Government

Paradigm Public Affairs, LLC is a full-service consulting firm working in providing management and leadership solutions to public safety and criminal justice agencies entities.   We specialize in policing and law enforcement.

Paradigm Public Affairs is based in the Denver, Colorado area and is a small, woman owned business.  Our staff is comprised of over 15 associates across the United States, each of whom bears specific content expertise as consultants, trainers, facilitators, and researchers.  The majority of our associates have experience as executives and leaders working in government at national, state, and local levels.  The leadership and principal staff of Paradigm Public Affairs bear decades of experience public service, governance, leadership, consultancy, and higher education. 

Paradigm Public Affairs was founded on the premise that the lines that divide governments from the communities they serve should not exist.  Governance is not a "them versus us" proposition, particularly when it comes to public safety.  We believe that people who live in communities should, to the greatest appreciable extent, be able to participate in the policy making process in order to continually ensure that the policies and laws that govern are organic to the communities they are intended to serve and reflect the values and beliefs of each individual community.  It is only through shared governance that communities achieve their greatest potential and create safe and livable neighborhoods.  

Paradigm Public Affairs is led by Tanya Settles.  Dr. Settles has spent the last 30 years working in and with governments across the United States, primarily in the areas of criminal justice, higher education, and diversity, inclusion, and community race relations.  She serves on boards of directors for several nonprofit organizations whose mission is to improve the lives of those served through education, empowerment, and community activism.  Tanya can be reached directly at